Alibaba E Foil Help

Hello everyone,

I bought a couple of e foils from my cousin who got them off of Alibaba and I’m having trouble getting em going. One of them has a burnt out esc I’m pretty sure cause his dad plugged in a battery and it smoked like crazy and melted the connector until he was able to cut the wires. That one is toast I’m sure but the other I’m hoping still works but I can’t seem to get the controller to pair to the board. I got a video from my cousin showing how to pair but the process doesn’t seem to work for me. You’re supposed to put the magnetic switch on and then press the bottom button and left button at the same time and it’ll pair. The only clue I have of what brand it is or who makes the board is when I turn on the controller it says Gold Shark. That does seem to be a company but their website isn’t very helpful. The company he bought from has stopped responding to me so no help there either. I’ve tried both controllers and both receivers with the only esc I have and they just cause the red light on the esc to flash and have a constant beep coming from the receiver. I’ll try to post some pictures if I can to help identify the board. I’m guessing the controllers and or receivers are not working but maybe it’s the esc? I don’t mind buying new ones if anyone can recommend something I’m just not very knowledgeable about this stuff. I’ve done a lot of remote control cars, planes and boats so I’m a little familiar with this stuff but nothing of this scale. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



This is the website my cousin pointed me to that seems to have a board that looks just like mine if anyone has any experience with them.