Aliexpress Motor


Looking at this motor to push me on to a wave, anybody try it? I do not need it to foil just to create a pulse to catch a wave.


I am the owner of so I have many boards and foils

This works but I would go with the 20kg thruster or a scuba-jet if you are just looking for an extra bit of power

I’d try this unit instead: Login

Has this motor been tried by anyone with direct drive?

I wrote that before finding out someone had burnt out one of those. DON’T buy it.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve already burnt out plenty of motors haha!

Thanks for the feedback, any links on Scuba motors

That is the first time I have seen that motor. Has that been around for a while and I just missed it.

whoa wait - just because someone burnt a motor out ? Any info as to how they burnt it out - I mean if it was a seal leak or something. This drive looks perfect otherwise if it was reliable - or am I missing something?

Hi Antoine,

I bought a few of your foils last year and that Orange Foil SUP. Unfortunately I did my rotator cuff shortly after so never really got it dialed in. I was thinking of a project to retrofit some power to that board as there is no way Im putting a hacksaw to any of the gear.

Ive built an Efoil this year which puts out about 40kg of thrust and I think you would only need 15-20kg of thrust to get onto a swell. A simple direct drive would do the trick. It wouldn’t be that hard to construct if you cant find anything off the shelf.

Im based in Hamilton for work now, so my efoil will be in Raglan when I can get out. PM me if you want to look at mine for ideas, or if you want to take it for a spin.


HI Scott,

Your build looks awesome, we definitely need to talk before I order some parts.