All in One efoil kit from Hobiba

Hobiba now declare its launch of eFoil Kit - “motor + esc +remote control” - All by One

(for DIY player ONLY)

Dated on Oct 30, 2023

All by One Vs Multi-makers

  1. Definition:

What is all by one? all parts of the eFoil kits are made by one producer - Hobiba
What is Multi-makers? All parts of the eFoil Kits are made by multi-producers

  1. All by One Vs Multi-makers

Unlike the all-by-one, when you source and buy from different producers, some even from resellers, you gonna integrate these parts into one system, and you gonna face a dilemma like

motor from Manufacturer A
esc from Manufacturer B
remote control from manufacturer C

Scenario I; when the system work, its fine
Scenario II, when the system fail, its always the others’ fault when you deliver the problems ahead to one manufacturer, and you gonna end up in vain in solving any of these problems.

Here you come up with Hobiba, no excuses if fail, and Hobiba will be the ONLY one to blame with.

  1. Advantage of All-by-One

With 8 years of OEM manufacturing experiences for top brands in PWC industry, also thousands of times of failures, Hobiba eventually develop and launch out the RIGHT eFoil kit full of fun to meet the DIY players worldwide: durable, affordable and functionable

  1. Motor options
    Brushless inrunner: D65L161, D65L120,D70L165
    Brushless outrunner: D65L76

  2. ESC controller - 150A /60V~84V

  3. Remote control: remote controller + receiver + wireless charger

Products images available per individual request, will not disclose here

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From Mr WANG at Hobiba (Also Quanly)

A very nice kit. A few questions:
1 - Can we limit the current on your 150/300A ESC ?
3 - There is no information about the remote and its receiver on your site yet.
Any preview ?

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Thank you for your question.

This Version -4 ESC not function to limit the current, BUT the voltage. our Next version - FOC is still under development, and tend to have the function of current limiting, estimated launch time at Next March.

The remote controller image can be obtained via email, and not disclose here, thank you