Alot of parts for sale

Hello I started a Build but have run into a lot at work and am pursuing other projects. I have almost everything needed to get a build done besides the gearbox if you like the motor these are the parts I have.

Freefly Arc 200 ESC Arc200 | Freefly Robotics 300$ new its been used on a test bench willing to sell for 200

APS 200A ESC 240$ new will sell for 100 It came with Bent water cooling tubes but there could be workarounds. It has never been connected to a motor or batteries.

APS 56123 Motor 400kv New 230$ will sell for 120$

Also have 40ft of cable 8awg silicone high strand count
lipo batteries
transmitter and remote
Lots more I will put up a picture of every thing when I get a chance.
If you buy everything there will be an additional 20% discount

Where are you based?

What batteries have you?

Southwest Florida, I don’t mind shipping if needed.

Sorry! Something went wrong! not sure if it would be worth to ship these. I run them in series.

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Any Idea on what the shipping cost to the UK would be for the ESC?

I will check when I get a chance. Whitch ESC are you talking about Free Fly or APS?


Okay sounds good I will calculate a estimate

take everything in the picture as well as some more little parts screws, coupling, battery series connectors, 8mm bullet connectors, 8awg wire, transmitter, receiver. for 600 Bucks (THIS INCLUDES EVERYTHING) if no one wants the everything I will start to break things up. If you want a shipping estimate provide me with an address(if you don’t feel comfortable for some reason give an address near you so I can get an accurate estimate.

The plate is a custom machines aluminum piece for the motor to be mounted inside of a tube with inside diameter of 2.25

Hi there,

I literally created an acct just to ask if the ARC200 and wire are still available. Am interested in purchasing if so.