Alternative for Maytech ESC and remote

I ordered Maytech remote v2 and 300A ESC little over a month ago. I haven’t heard anything from them since my order. Well, it’s because of the covid19… I did send them email two days ago and am waiting for their response.
Meanwhile I have been thinking of alternative ESC and remote. Does anyone have good suggestions which can be delivered before June? If I don’t get a response to my email from Maytech within a week, I will try to cancel my order and order a different set (if you can give me good suggestions).

So far, I have always got answers from Maytech. Try to contact Eileen on facebook or Instagram.
I ordered the V2 remote a month ago. It was shipped on friday and arrived at the office on monday morning.

What’s your budget for it?

Thank you Thom. Will do this

I was thinking 500€ for ESC + remote. But it is not fixed…

Try MGM they supply the ESCs to Lift…
It’s a little expensive ,you can try flipsky.or a trampa vesc6
For a remote the best option is still maytech or a cheap eskate remote from ebay…
You need to waterproof both

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Have you ordered from their homepage?
If it is from their homepage it is probably Agnes you mailing with. I mailed with her last week and ordered/paid my remote Thursday and it was shipped Friday and I recieved it Monday.

Have you checked your spam mail folder? All mails feom them ended up there for me. But she always replied within one working day.

Have you consider vesc 6 mk3 as an option as esc? I counting on that should be enough for mine build anyway.

I tried the vesc6 Mk3, great toy, but heat dissipation was not enough, after 3minutes foiling it starts to reduce power due to overheat. Had an alloy passive cooling… Now changed to water cooling but even with that it was critical… and now finally it did smoke and is gone…dont know what was the problem... thought that it is almost impossible to kill it, due to its protections… but somehow they did not work :pensive:

I am sorry to hear that your vesc6 mk3 died :frowning:
What watercooling solution did you use and how many amps was you using when it get overheated ?
I haven´t used mine yet. I am just curious what I can expect. I am planing to mount it in an aluminum box and do a watercooling solution outside on the box for mine. I guess I will recognize if it will work in a month time or if I will get overheating problem also.

Yes, I did order from their homepage and paid it right away. I’ll wait for their response for few days, I have emailed them and sent Eileen a message on Facebook.
In my opinion the Trampa VESC 6 mk3 has too low amps. I’m playing it safe on the 300A ESC.