Alu / Carbon e-Levitaz


I am new here and in the electric Foil or Surf World.
I am from Schwitzerland and go as muck as i can Kiting. Tipend on the conditions on wather, land or snow.

Sins i ride my Levitaz Cruizer with the Match Board and the 80cm Mast.
I came realy in love with Hydrofoiling. (no more ubwind strugeling haha)

And i also build a pretty strong e-Mountainboard i also wantet to build me an e-Foil, but! with an Levitaz Foil.

I am a profesional welder… i just love it

I am trying to do a Foilboard out of aluminium and foam…
I made a prototyp out of 2mm (bether for modeling).
So i had the form… Now i am plaining to do the same in 1mm Alu.sheets.
9kg is quit heavy for a board hahaha.

So now i hope you have intresse in this projekt and want to help me. :smiley:

As you see, i thing spending one or twoo hundred mor and have e bether produkt is bether than buy a cheap one and buy two times
Trampa, Levitaz APS, Flysurfer… they build good stuf.

My thought is to take a Levitaz Hybrid Mast and take the Carbon or Phiberglas away :thinking::expressionless::no_mouth:
And Weld an Aluminium Mast Profile between the twoo Alu segments from Levitaz.

after i welded this and grinded the welds i want to make the motormount one or twoo cm from the Fuselage, and use a jet prob, so i have no drag for slow gliding.
or may with a folding prop like from sailing boats?

But i realy do not know wich motor i have to use or what prop or jet…
I just know i want to use the vesc, because i am familare with the program.
Why not the Vesc 75/300 :drooling_face:

I know it is not the easiest Foil to Build an e.Foil and without Carbon-epoxy strukture…
But i realy want to use Levitaz because i also Kite with this brand.
And you can swich the Wings so easy!
hahaha Chose between Shaka L and Bionic or aspect…

I hobe we can discuss here and come to a good Component list.

LG Pascal Kuster

Ps: Dam i am a new user and can only post one picture… sorry


I do not wish one of these hit in my head, but i love aluminium too and i know how difficult is to weld…

Fun with a totally new approach on a build, good luck and looking forward to see more pictures.

My build is also all aluminum except for fiberglass board and carbonfibre wings

That looks like a potentially great mold for making from fiberglass or carbon fiber. I would never be caught on that as-is though! Talk about a liability! lol

Yes, Me too.
So i deside to Hydrofoarming the Surfboard Shell.
So the welds are flat and not pointy.


I weldet a aluminium Profile in the Board as a brace.
But now i have like two channels :sweat_smile:

First i wanted to mount the Foil with a Foilmount.

But now i can easy weld the Mast in to and on the brace. My Car is big enough so i always leave the mast attached to the Board aniway.


i purchased a Liquid Force alumast for this idea, and also a Slingshot with Base…

The Motor I orderd is a APS 70160 150KV (the 100KV one was sold out). I want to power him with an Vesc 75/300. And direct drive to the Kort nozle prop.

I ordert a Kenzen RC 94mm 4 blade 1,2 Pitch prop. with probebli a normal Kord not a race nozzle i think…

But i think, i have to try yout the 130mm one.

Maby i build meself onhe efoilmotor with vesc and battery all on the mast. for easy atach it an the Kite/Surffoil. In the scale of an Esk8. With the Saka L from Levitaz it might will work with the 94mm prop.

Time will see

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First The Board startet to be a Prototype, just for knowintg wich shape the sheet has to be in 1mm or 0.5mm sheet.

Now this version is around 8-9KG

So little ubdate :metal:
I found some 4mm Alu shet and aut of dis i will make the motormount :sunglasses:

It was jist a tray a half an houer after work.
But it is o.5mm to wide insade. So may i make the lther one too or shrink it with a weld.

What guys do you think?
Will be this Motor good enoth on 18s? It only has 80A barely.

Or is maytech the one bether?

How are you planning on fixing it to the motor?

With some tiny screws, there holes in the motor.

Do you think they will be enough?

yes, i do think so. Tho main force is pulling and stop the motor from spinning.

The biger Problem will be to weld a tube on the bodom on the mast and make the Levitaz Fuselage fit.

So short ubdate.
Now i have bretty much all aluminium together so i can preshape the parts, weld them on and so on.
No i have a extrusion press tube. It fits perfect.

This part has to be perfect :face_with_monocle:

A bigger board would be nice, this has to less wolume.
What do you guys think?


What foil wing set is this?

Nice MTB :slightly_smiling_face:


Does the board have a foam core?
What happens if you get a crack, e.g. from a hard landing after a jump?

This is the Cruizer and the Aspect frontwing. The fuselage and the rear wing are the freeride ones.

The Shaka set up would be also very nice to have…

Thank you. Its a beast😎

At the moment no. because i have to weld on the board some more.
But at the moment i am not shure wich 2K PU foam i want to use. May just simple boatfoam.

The next ones, i do with hydroforming, will have foam in it.

I made the board nose les pointy, it was like a inife :joy:

It would be great if it works with this board.

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Some short ubdates :grin:
Dose not fit 100% in this picture.
But for welding it dose not care that much.

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