Aluminum parts for DIY eFoil

Hello everyone, I come from Germany - Aachen near Cologne and have had a few aluminum components manufactured. 1 sentence is running in my project the 2 sentence was already installed but is still in good condition. The parts were manufactured on a 5-axis milling machine! A few scratches are present but do not affect the function. For conditions see images. 2 screws still have to be drilled out. My English is unfortunately not very good - I can answer questions in German at any time.

My desired price is 250 euros

Gute Arbeit, wofür der Mast das Zaumzeug bestimmt ist,

Good work, for which mast the bridle is intended,

Sind die Teile im Detail verfügbar?

Are the parts available in detail?

Hello the aluminum parts fit on a slingshot mast.

Here detailed photos