Aluminum tubing for SSS 56104

I would like to know where non-US builders here got their aluminum tubing from and what diameters you used. Outside the US it is hard to find tubings with imperial measurements (without paying high shipping costs from US), I only can get my hands on metric tubings with 57mm ID, so the motor would tightly fit (if I am lucky), the imperial ones have the advantage of being just slightly bigger.

edit: I just realized that the motor indeed is 56mm in diameter (hence the name), so 60mm OD, 57ID will fit well.

Hi Benjo,
i bought the Tube suggested by Pacific Meister on is material list and ordered from e-bay. Exterior is 60mm and interior is almost 57mm. I measure 56,5mm . Engine fits nice inside.

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Got one from e-bay (UK) shipped to CH. OD 60mm, 2mm wall. It is a tight fit (not a press fit) for my sss56104 Motor. Unfortunately, the one I bought i not listed anymore so it won’t help you. It is similar to this one:
There are also tubes with only 1.5mm wall thickness available from other sellers.
Shipping might also be a problem, you need to check with the seller, mine was 1m long and shipping costs were reasonable, I don’t remeber the exact amount).

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Thank you for your answers, interesting that the motor fits in 56.5 and even 56mm, it is probably not exactly 57mm then :smile: (of course all measurements aren’t exact).
I found the exact tubing from pacificmeister’s BOM for 39.49€ from a different seller on amazon and for 31.70€ on ebay, both incl. shipping to Germany.
And I would pay 10.21€ for a metrical tubing with 60mm OD and 57mm ID from Germany, so I’ll probably try that one as the motor seems to fit in 56mm as well.

Just measured my motor… it’s 56mm… i remember long time ago pacificmeister add some problems with a tube too tight… I guess it all depends on the manufacturing process. There are some small variations in the diameter. In 57mm it will fit for sure.

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I’ll play it safe and buy and measure the motor first :smile:

Hi Benjo,
are you from Germany? I am also from Germany and just ordered an aluminium tube 10 minutes ago here:

It’s 60mm diameter and 2mm thick. I already have the SSS motor here and measured 56mm, so it should work. I can let you know if it fits when the tube is delivered.

P.S.: And it’s only 18€ incl. shipping for 1m length.


Hey walther,

yes, I am from Germany. It would be nice to hear if it fits.
I would have ordered here:
Because they also have 1.5mm wall thickness. But I will wait for my motor and measure it first, maybe some motors are 56mm and some 57, no one knows :upside_down_face:

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Perhaps 1,5mm is the safer choice :slight_smile:
Where do you live? Perhaps we could meet when our builds are finished :slight_smile:
I’m living in Nürnberg.

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Unfortunately I live in the very north: Kiel. I will foil in the Baltic Sea.
But maybe one day we could set up a Germany-wide eFoil meeting, maybe also with our Dutch friends :relaxed:

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Hi, I`ve tested the 60/2mm and the diameter inside was not big enough.
So I switched to the 60/1,5mm and a plate of aluminium with 0,3mm wound once round the motor.

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I bought my tube here:
I have not yet received the engine to test, but the caliper gives me the good odds

Hello, i used aluminium tube from spinnaker pole, 60 mmOD/56mm ID but it was to tight. finally I passed the engine on the lathe

For easier disassembly I printed a plug, parts were glued.

Hi Benjo,

I got my tube now last week. I am able to insert the motor, but it is very tight. Currently I can only insert it on one side, becaus the other side is a bit smaller because of cutting (Grat). I could try and rasp it a bit, but am not sure if I just buy the thinner one. Did you already get yours?

Hey walther,
I actually “last minute” switched to a direct drive design, so I don’t need it anymore. I thought it would be worth a try.
If you can make it fit it would have a good heat conductivity.

I made a small tool for sanding the inside of 60x2mm tube to fit. Its very simple but works as a charm. Tell me if you would like the 3D CAD for printing.


Of course the benefit of a tight fit is you will have excellent heat dissipation. Thus it’s a trade off.

Yes. The 56104 should fit in there like a cannon ball.

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Yes, i am interested in the 3D CAD to scale it for different diameters and print it. If you dont want to publish it, please send me PM.

@PowerGlider Here it is: Fusion

You would need two small springs (like those that could be found inside ballpoint pens) two M3 screws with nut and of course some sanding paper. I used 150 grit for this.

Happy sanding!