Amorge Power Battery

I am nearing the finish line for my first efoil and I am placing an order for a battery from Amorge Power. I am starting a topic to give my experience and answer any questions about the pack and the process (as well as the quality).

I decided to go with a 48v(13s) pack and I was torn with capacity, I decided to go with a 40ah because my board is already fairly heavy and I am as well. More range can’t hurt- Right?— The process of ordering has been slow but nothing problematic. I started by emailing them to discuss pack specs and then moved to Alibaba for the transaction. They were able to supply a waterproof connector that’s rated for 130a cont- as well as a BMS to handle the same current, Although they mentioned that the pack could do up to 230a continuos if I wanted to upgrade the BMS. I will submit the order later today once my bank approves the transaction :roll_eyes: The battery was around $450 USD with a free charger. Shipping to California is about 50 by sea and 200 by air :face_with_spiral_eyes:. Not wanting to wait 2 months I went with Air shipping.

Once it ships and arrives I will update this post. – If you have questions lmk!


Okay… It has finally arrived. After paying for the battery, Alibaba locked the payment from amorge in case there was an issue they could give a refund. Pretty smart. Once you confirm delivery the payment is unlocked and they send the funds to Amorge.

There was a bit of a delay on production, about 13 days for it to be shipped, On the 10th day I received a partial refund of 10% for the wait. Shipping was about 2 weeks and the last mile was done through USPS. It was very well packaged with many layers of closed-cell foam and a large box. The battery is nearly the exact dimensions they quoted. it seems that under the heat shrink, there is some kind of fiberboard to protect it- a little bit. The pack is double heat shinked in opposite directions with silicone sealant on the ends to give it some water protection. The wires are large silicone wires with the connector already attached. They come with a fabric/rubber conduit covering the wires for extra protection.

I will update this when I run it on the water and give it some real current.

TLDR- The production was delayed for about 10 days, and shipping took 2 weeks, The battery quality seems good so far but I have yet to run it on the water.