Amphenol SurLok for sale:


I sell: Amphenol SurLok Plus Male 1-polig / 120A
here is the link:

But only have these in orange maybe painted black :slight_smile:
have about 20 pcs.

I’m in Germany but can ship it anywhere…

SurLok Plus 120A

Hey, I would like to use those kind of plugs. But there is one thing I do not understand. In the Datasheet it says the smallest applicable cable size is 16mm2. So the 8mm2 of the motor won’t really fit, or will it? I mean how will it be IP67 if the cable is too thin?

Hi, for this SurLok is the screw termination not the crimp

Use the 5.7mm 12a connector. These connectors are designed for 120a at 1000V. Our systems don’t push nearly the same amount of power!

What about the Plug? I get that I can just solder on the Receptacle, but the Plug needs to be watertight were the cable goes into the Plug. And if it is made for 16mm2 or more, how can that work with like 8mm2? Am I just overthinking this?