Amundson boards construction

Thinking of getting a new board. See a lot of guys on Amundson. I noticed that the Firebolt is a vacuum carbon construction, whereas the Nubby is not vacuumed. Pros and cons? I’ve heard that the Nubby construction can weaken over time especially at the mast. Opinions?
I like the Firebolt durability but the largest board they make, I worry, is too narrow and low volume for my ability. 4-10, 19”, 37L. Whereas the Nubby 4-10, 20”, 39L might be easier for me (beginner/intermediate Foiler). Any advice or comments will be appreciated

I currently ride a Blue Planet Carver 4-6, 20.5” x 3.6”, 45L The thing is built like a tank Kevlar rails and durable foil box but is heavy and clunky.

I would go with a vaclam carbon rather than a regular fiberglass board. They are way stronger and ding resistant. While 2 liters of difference may be slightly noticeable, I would suggest the Firebolt. Especially considering that your board will be out of the water most of the time and your positioning in the line up is the biggest factor in catching the most waves.

I would also suggest looking on real watersport, mackiteboarding, or other online retails to see what options are available.

I would suggest the 4’8 KT Drifter F for you as well. Seems like a great all around board with more width than both the Amundsons.