Analysis of underwater TEST amperage data

Motor: SSS56104 500KV + 5: 1 Parker
Battery: Lithium-ion 14S 14P 51.8v 40A

Test result of current value
ESC connection from battery

  • Max: 80A
  • AVG: 50 ~ 60A
    Motor connection at ESC
    • Max: 150a
    • AVG: 80 ~ 120A

The test showed that the current delivered to the motor side was very high.
Therefore, there are many problems such as motor life and AWG life.

Let’s discuss this part.

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Motoramps = Torque, so if you want lower motor amps try a smaller propeller or lower pitch.

My tp motor 4070 with 10awg survived the all season with this king of amp …amp goes down when you start to fly properly
Full throttle , smaller diameter or area blades lower pitch, smaller wing , loosing weight …

Now the propeller is a 140-pitch 6-inch diameter propeller.

Is there a recommended propeller?