Another build from Lyon

Hi guys,

I started the project in july 2017. Thanks to pacificmeister, this project changed my life.
Come from computing engineering to this (3D prinrting, soldering, carbon fiber…) and here is my build,

I made 3 builds yet, this is my second one, full carbon home made board,
Direct outrunner 63mm, 5" pitch propeller .

The 63mm can be a good choice if you weighs less than 70kg like me, but for heavier people it doesnot have enough power…

I can give some details by PM


Beautiful board and overall build! :heart_eyes:

What technique ir procedure did you use to do such big carbon parts?
Is it possible for a “normal” guy like me to do the same or is there special equipment needed?

nice build, really


"Is it possible for a “normal” guy like me "
Yes but be ready toi invested a lot of time and maybe mone, i was a “normal” guy last year no clue about ESC and carbon Fiber

i “shaped” styrofoam with a hotwire then i used the vacuum techniquefor the carbon fiber.
Total 2 layers of carbon fiber (200gr/sqm) and some reinforcement for the foil plate.
I tried without vacuum and the result was great too like in virus video :

Mistakes i made :

The hatch is to close to the middle of the board so it is a problem to put the front foot and have good balance
Dimensions 167cmx60cm bit too small, tricky at the beginning but fit in my car :slight_smile:

Forgot to thank Mat for his awesome work and his video “getting wings” great inspiration.


Hi Bender, I just joined the forum and cannot send you an Inbox, I live in lyon too and would like to see your work, do you plan on testing it anytime soon??

Message en anglais pour respecter la règle du forum


, I live in lyon too and would like to see your work, do you plan on testing it anytime soon??

due to many water leaks that i tried to solve with many resin layers (i recommand not using multiple glued EPS blanks but only one big )
I had to stop with this prototype, but I will be back soon with something really nice.
I will keep you posted

Like @Mat It would be nice if you could take, edit and post a trace of your learning steps :wink: