Another cheap and quick foil assist project from fFrance

Hello,I am happy to share my realisation in this great forum !
I am wing foiling for 2 years now, and sometimes there is not enought wind to start to fly ! I discovered foil assist and I decided to make one based on Maytech kit,
I ordered 10 days ago my kit and it was delivered 5 days after, I had just enought time to modelize and print the mast adaptator for a Gong V2 aluminium mast

I also modify a thingiverse print for the propeler and assembly to test the motor and the remote

for the battery it is a 6S 6,5A for a big drone
For my first test in the water, the “electronic box” will be a ikea food box

the first outside test is made ! it seems to work ! I need to receipt a 24v 80A relay with a waterprrof button and cable gland for the final test in water !

I found the price outrageous! minimum 2000€! for a foil assist, that’s why I decided to make it ! the Maytech kit cost me 410€ (delivery and customs included), the battery 85€, the charger, hardware and other miscellaneous items 80€, so we’re under 600€.


I don’t know how to share a video ! so that’s a copy of my first “outside test”

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You will need cooling of the maytech controller to get any significant power. Much bigger alu plate, and thermal pas/paste to all areas of the pcb.
If you Can Do that, and have the alu plate touching the water/outside of box, it will work if you have the right prop and settings.

My maytech vesc ended UP dead by sea water, but After thermal modification it worked well!

I foil with this motor, on 7S/20Ah, but with 65kg weight and big foil (1725cm2)

Could you please share the STEP file for the adapter model?

I posted it in thingiverse

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Everything fits in the hermetic ikea box, I’ve added a relay and a waterproof switch, I’m actually thinking of putting an external radiator, but I’ll have to change the box because with this one the radiator will be underneath and as I’m using an inflatable gong board that scares me!
My use will be purely as a foil assist with an 85l or 105l or 145l board, and the foil will probably be my 1650cm2 XLT veloce.

My experiance with the maytech vesc 100A is that it is impossible to foil without significant cooling of the mosfets and pcb.

You can check on my thread the different steps I went thru to get it to work.

If you make a Big 3mm Alu plate, and cool it from outside the box, it should work.

Otherwise you will just get into thermal limits.

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Of course I saw your thread ! You said I must have the good settings ! Do you know what I have to change in VESC tool ? (arghh so complicated for me !!) I am using the same 2 blades propeller than you (found in thingiverse and mofified for maytech motor

Bonjour Sebdesgoudes, thanks a lot for the new gong V2 mount!
What is the length of M4 screws please? Merci

Protect the motor from scratches!