Another new build from Sweden

I am starting my build/builds and planning to be ready with my first board in April.
If Everything goes as planned, I will probably do a second board in May with better finishing and probably some improvements after I learned by my mistakes the first build:-).

The plan is to build a board with polyurethane core and use e-glass and epoxy.
1.5m (5 feet) and 60 cm width and 13cm high.
The board will be White with black pad on it.
I guess the board will be around 100 liter.

Planning to use gong M pro foil. Have a XL surf foil also for my normal foilsurf board that I can use if I want to go very slow sometimes.

I am waiting on a Motorsystem with mast and plate from flying rodeo with Ninja and folding propeller that I have ordered.

Battery will be a 12S 42Ah that I am planning to buy from Rickard Riwi

ESC will probably be a VESC 6 mk3 from Trampa for the first build with added water cooling.



Got a nice package today with some fun stuff from FR :grinning: thx David :+1:
Need to start working now on the board so I can have something to run on in two months when it starting to be warmer….will be fun to compare the different propellers also.


Is that the Ninja prop? Do you know what pitch it is?

Yes, it is the Ninja prop.
Progresive inovative 7 inch is the information I got from David. Not sure what it means, but I am sure it is good and it will be fun to test :upside_down_face:
The standard is 6 and the folding 7.

I have the 6 and 7 inch pitch standard prop. I thought the ninja prop might of been higher pitch.
Good luck with your build.

Some Friday work on the board… Quite much left but it is going slowly forward…


I have not been so good to update this thread :smirk:
I bought one of Renes inflatable boards he sold on The forum in May. When i did that my other build get on hold because it was More fun to go foiling in The summer :slight_smile:

One month ago in the end of The summer i finaly finished my other board so i could go foiling together with my girlfriend.

For The moment The inflatable board is equiped with The FR engine and gong pro m foil (curve today) and 80cm mast. One trampa vesc 6 mk4 is mounted in a small aluminium box and towards The aluminium board box. So i Do not need to use the watercooling.

The other board is working even if i would have done several things different if i Do Another board. It become a litle bit shorter than expected when i shaped it, 130cm. I should have used 1cm divinylcell 80kg/m3 outside The 30kg/m3 the core to get a More resistance surface and not get so easy dings :slight_smile:

I found a hatch door that was easy to open and sealed for The water. The First one i bought and tested was not and I returned it.
I had a leakage The First run with The board and got in some drops of water and it was game over for my 300/75 vesc. I also burned one vesc 6 mk3 in begining of The summer when i got some very little moisture in to it.
In General i think trampa should at least put a conformal later over The board so it would be able to handle one or two drops of water anyway.
I have a vesc mk4 in this board also connected to a passiv heatzink with an active fan.

Both of my vesc 6 is now having some layer of conformal coating and silicone to make them More waterproof in case an accident would happen.

I having a maytech 2005 remote to The new board that i also have treated with coating.

Battery in The board is The 42ah 12s batteries.
I am using a gong mast 90cm and RL foil for The moment. Mostly new 2020 but also old 2018 foil sometimes.
I haven’t tried this board with Gong pro foil yet. I Will Do that soon and probably buy a veloce foil for it to next year.
I realy like The gong pro foil. But RL 2020 is perfect for More cruising.

The board worked perfect when i was just cruising, but when i tested to push it More after some hours drive and hit full throttle it stopped after a couple of seconds i fell off. After removed The power completely it started again. It was The drv error that other People also got. So i turned down sampling from 25khz to 15khz and it working fine now with The 100kv motor.

The inflatable board is equiped with two 6s10p battery pack with Sony vtc6 cells.
I am very happy with them. I can go up to 16-17km with duct and 20km without with them.
If I knowed that i could have fitted 12p batteries i would have bought that instead and got some spare capacity.

I Will probably buy cells and equipment to do two 6sp12 packs in winter.


Nice work!
Sorry to hear that you have had same trampa problems as me.
They could not believe why somebody would open the units conformal coat and silicone the open entrys, funny for outdoor electronics.
I really love my RL2018 for lakes&rivers and RL2020 for offshore waves. Using Metr yet? DO you have any measurements yet comparing them to the gong range?

Hoping for Swe-meetup in 2021, we need to be as social as the germans…

I’m in! Second board on the way now.

How does the old RL feel compared to the new one?

No, not using metr. Using The vesc tool instead. Not as Nice presentation as metr but working fine.
I haven’t done so many logs yet with RL wing to be able to present The difference between RL 2018, 2020 and gong pro m foil but Will try and do some test next weekend if The weather is good.

Yes, we should try and get together some More People to run.
We were three People running in Stockholm three weeks ago.

New RL is much More stable than old RL.
I pesronally like The gong pro best of them.

New year and new build :slightly_smiling_face:
The board i did worked, but The shape was not optimal. Then i did some befinner misstakes using inotan 30 and 40 kg per m3 so i get dings very easy on The board.
In The end of The season my flipsky 100kv motor started to be slower and making some noice also.

I bought a new flipsky 120kv motor end of last year and have also open my faulty 100kv one.
I have changed The from bearing and now it sounds okay again.
I Will fill it with some oil this time and also put some extra grease at The sealings to protect it some more for water.
I run a bad printed propeller in first rums last year that is probably The reason it failed so Quick.

For my new second board i decided to go for inflatable to be able to two boards in The car without needing to put down The backseat and to have More robust boards also :slight_smile:
I bought a large Whimsifoil to have try The difference compare to my smaller board 100l vs 200l.

I am currently working with the box. I have done it with 60kg divinylcell 10mm thick. I tried to get 80 or 120 kg but i never get hold on it because of corona.

Here is The board and box. Not done The framme, it Will get some fiber glass and then deckpad.

I Will try to put one vesc 6 Mk IV in The aluminium box.

It was heavier than i expected when i received it.
Now The box with everything, weight around 6kg total. Around 1,5kg is aluminium box, 1 kg is The hatch.

I put The door on this weekend and tested it so it is 100% water sealed tonight.

So now i will fix The floor so it is leveled and fix some fixating and boxes for The batteries.

Welcome to the Wimsi club! Following your build, but will make my 2:nd box also from alu. 2mm instead of 3mm. Not easy to get boxweight below 6kg with good passive cooling.

If I would have changed The hatch to another model i would have saved at least 0.5kg.
The drawback is that it is not possible to open The hatch without any tool if you want to have it totaly sealed.

Then i would guess The aluminium box for The vesc probably could be lighter. I would have guessed it weighted around 0,5kg, not 1,5kg :slight_smile:
I would assume The cooling still would be enough because as Long as you have a aluminium mast. In case of carbonfiber i can guess it is good with some More aluminium in The box.
The inflatable wimsi board is also quite heavy. I guess it is because of The size. My other inflatable is much lighter but much smaller also:)

I have filled up The bottom now on The box with some More divinylcell so it is flat.

So it is moving slowly forward. Not so many days left before The first testdrive i hope

Getting close to the first test run. Vesc 6 mounted in box on The mast. I have sealed The cables with silicon.
I haven’t worked on The finishing yet, that will be after The testrun if working fine.
I am planing to go for a trip next weekend with my two efoil so need to get it working before Friday:)

The mast is 90cm plus The box on 5 cm so it is a litle bit to high. Optimal would have been a 75 cm mast so it would have been 80cm together with the box for The vesc.

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