Another power switch

hello , i have try several solution for safety reason:

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This is interesting, but needs some tweaking. In my understanding, it works the reverse way of what we need. It is designed for safety with big drones or RC airplanes, so you put a plug to secure the system (prevent the motor from starting accidentially). When ready to launch, you remove the plug and start the system.

see here:

“When magnet pulled out of the opening the SPS SafetyPowerSwitch is switched on.”

So if we could manage to inverse the function, it would be an option that is already tested with high power ESCs. Also the magnet switch is a concept that is easy to waterproof.

yes it works reverse… use a hall switch with a strong DC SSR Relay

Looks like an overpriced anti-spark switch.

Nice concept, buy 2x 5€ Mosfet put it on a PCB, add a heatshrink and sell it for 140€

I got a similar Vedder antispark for less than 30€ on esk8 forum, good quality mosfet (5 in parallel) and 100A Maxi Lama fuse, works fine but still the problem is that using it as safety switch when you fall, will kill the ESC very likely

It’s fine to cut the power voluntarily thru a NO-NC reed (will post files once printed) just in case you need to turn off the battery on the sea.

@MaB do you have a link to the Vedder most switch you brought?
I got this, from a Russian guy, I checked the components, very good deal. It works

How to waterproof this magnetic switch ?
It s a solution to stop motor power ?

I printed a switch with two magnets inside, two magnets and two Reed bulb NO under the deck of the board should act as NO-NC switch and keep the on/off position piloting the Mosfet switch.

I know it’s far from clear… Let me gather some photos and 3d…other than test it!

The plate with painter tape goes glued under the battery box cover, the other on top. The movement is “driven by magnet”, very smooth and fast. There are two magnets into the red plastic, one at 12 the other at 6hours, when one get the REED, the other gets the magnet and keep the position

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Great design for the switch, think I might do something similar. Did you test the mosfet switching off under load yet?

Not yet. I tested it on bench but it’s not the same… I will keep the thread updated with results

@MaB Have you tested the mosfet switch under load yet? I am keen to buy one of these for a safety disconnect, but wanted to see your results first. I.e can it handle switching off under full load without destroying anything?

tried with few amps, lights, no problem.
I don’t think it could be 100% safe, it doesn’t ensure a galvanic insulation, if it fails usually it become an open circuit but i see mosfet in short circuit very often… M doubt are not about that Vedder switch but the ESC which will get a huge back bomb by motor coils…

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sorry, I don`t understand it.
This antispark is good for starting the electronic, but not for switch off?
What happens, when you cut off the power?
Can I use it with a reed sensor?

And are 100 A max. not too less?

Nope. The second fuse was 90 and it never blown. But the pcb is not up to and the whole system gets soo hot to melt tin soldering. It worked well for long time but for some reason it’s no longer viable for me. Time after time you start pushing the limit further on e foil…speed is addicting and the trill quickly fades

So I will take a 200A switch fuse. Easy and I hope enough…

but that with the thrill sounds good …:innocent: