Another receiver for this transmitter



Greetings Frank

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Is it better than the normal receiver and how did you bind it?

The receiver is always available on Ebay for little money. No cumbersome replacement via Maytech.
Very reliable, longer range, failsafe.
My original receiver suddenly stopped operating.
Tie over jumper.
Channel 3 for the ESC.

Do you know if it makes any difference to the problem discussed here? I have ordered one just to try.

What’s the Problem?
Greetings Frank

If you read my posts you will see.

Sorry forgot the link :see_no_evil:

I have this receiver right now but fails safe does not work. Did it work for you? I tried it the way they explain in youtube video but my throttle just stays at the position when losing signal. Very dangerous!

Does it have the same problem as the original receiver?

When you bind the receiver, you need to remove the bind plug before powering off the receiver and ESC. This will set the failsafe.

There is a failsafe button for setting the failsafe but it does not work on my receiver.

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I have done a quick test and it looks like it doesn’t have that problem. So it would make the perfect receiver if I get the failsafe working. Maybe I just have a faulty receiver because I did the exact same as someone in a youtube video.

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It works for me.
Press the button on the gas position that you would like to have.

I have done this but it does not work. The light blinks when button is pressed but it does not store the position. If it works for you, I must have a faulty receiver. Will order one again to see if it works than.

My second receiver does also have no failsafe😐
Are you sure it is working? I can’t believe that they are both broken. Maybe you can make a video with a servo connected to it?