Anti spark with water proof switch

Anyone using this, it’s new in from flipsky I think.

Yes I’ve been using this for a few months now. It works well.
The little button is far too small, need your pinky to activate it. I recently ordered a few more of them but had them add a 22mm button instead. I should get them early next week.

Good to know, thanks.

I also ordered something like this and want replace the switch with a magnet switch. So you can attach a leash to your ankle

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@louis apparently cutting power to the ESC under load can damage it. It may be worth further research before setting your switch up like this.

This switch is NOT waterproof. I had leaking into my ESC box from this switch!

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I tried to buy it from Amazon and they sent me the wrong one (lower voltage)… twice! Instead of goofing around with it, I epoxied a dual pole rocker switch into the battery box and encased the back side in epoxy, wiring it directly to the power switch on the 75/300. It came out great, fully waterproof, but is very permanent.

Looking forward to the 75/300 feature enhancement for the dead man’s switch.

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The switch in your link is rated 20A, have you tried it?

Sorry, this switch is not in-line with the power from the battery. It is connected to the power switch on the Trampa 75/300, so there is no current going through it.

Ah ok, that makes sense.

Did you have any problem with the button leaking and do you know what voltage the switches are ?


Hey guys, is a switch like that even necessary? I can just unplug the batterie, can’t I? Of course using anti spark connectors. I don’t have a lot of experience yet, so please tell me if I am wrong.

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Just found this about the vesc6

I ordered my flip sky vesc couple days ago, as soon as it arrives I will test wether the Vesc already has the capability to just take the input of a switch and turn on/off