Antispark wiring idea

I’m not the best in electronics, so I need your help to implement the anti spark switch and a big relay to precharge the capacitors of the ESC and don’t burn the anti spark switch later with the big amps.
I draw a simple wiring diagram, could this be work?antispark

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I think you would need maybe a small delay before the main relay comes on

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You can buy a delay timer off Ebay for a few $

You got a ground loop between Rec and ESC, search for “loop” in the forum and you will finde some examples why you should avoid it (for lazy ones: can burn uC)

What is the benefit of the big relay? If you got an antispark, why would you also use a mechanical relay?

In the past, I was build multirotor. There was highly recommend to use the ground loop, but there wasn’t that much amps. Thank you for the hint, I delete it.
The anti spark switch I have, in my opinion can’t stand this big amps for a long time, and I want to solve the esc capacitors precharge too. That’s the reason of the big relay and the small as switch.

Here is the corrected plan:

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hey guys,

I see many post and products around the web about the anti spark switch systems but I could not get how to achieve such circuit without switch and without 3rd wire.

I had an ESC from hobbywing with built in spark proof circuit and it actually did the job well in that regard. I had no extra cable or circuit. just my 2 main power leads and zero spark.

Any idea how such circuit is achieved or if any such product is available?

Using solid state relay is feasible but they are heating quite a lot and not so good in that regard so would be my last option.


I just run the + from tge battery pack through a 150/200 amp waterproof thermal breaker with a reset button in it. It tgem becomes an anti spark set up as you can pkug all your big wires in tyen turn it on. Itsxakao now an on off switch and it of course orovides insurance fir tyour motor abd esc as it will pop if tye amp draw spikes above the breakers limit

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I just asked Trampa, what they recommend for efoiling. Mosfet, Killswitch or anything else.
They said:
"In an e-foil project I would go without safety cutoff. A capable anti spark switch would be good. Or a waterproof box with xt 90s connectors or loop keys.
Open box, plug in, close box. "

That sounds easy…