Any Danish efoil builder in the Forum?

Im am looking for a danish builders/efoil rider, with any experince or knowlegde of the danish legislation/law Regarding efoil riding?

As far as I Can see, efoils or any other motorized vehicles are prohibited above 8 knots (14 kmh). From the beaches (in the oceans) jetskies are allowed, but you need a licens specific for jetskies, which cost alot (4000 DKK) .

Hope any know more than me!?

Haven’t seen any Danish guys here but who knows, are there really any one that care about a illegal efoil?

Unfortunately the Danish Nature Agency and the municipals nearby where I live (Copenhagen area) permits only boats with a permenant spot in the marinas to be motorized, and a max. Speed of 8 knots - this is only for fresh water makes. Dont know yet How strict the law enforcement is on this, but the local surf cummunity cant help rigger, though they wanted to. :frowning:
In the oceans jetskies are permitted, but min. 300m from score and a you need a licens for jetskies.

Stasi regulation :roll_eyes:

Laws (sometimes) can be changed. You need to find the right angle of attack to demonstrate that the law is inapropriate to new type of watercrafts. Here are two examples that might be reproduced… somewhere.
1 - Due to a 19th century law focusing on barges, boats on the Paris river were limited to 15 kmph because of the noise and because the wake of ordinary boats damage the river banks and produce waves shaking the house boats.
Seabubbles aiming at developing a taxi service on water astutely argued that electric hydrofoils where silent and didn’t make any wake. Consequently, they got a derogatory higher speed limit of 30 kmph during their first test campaign that is twice the speed limit. Everything went fine.
2 - In Canada, propellers where banned by law. Jets where the only thing allowed. Then a couple of guys rolled up their sleeves and…