Any feedback on the flipsky FSESC6.9 100a?

Hi all,

I’m keen to try a Vesc on my next foil assist. I only have 86mm to play with for the width of my box and my 8s3p battery fills most of the length. This prevents me going for any larger escs. Has anyone tried the FSESC6.9 100a?

I have done a search but cannot find any discussions about this particular model. I need something that can deal with 100a discharge and 33.6v without getting too hot. I don’t mind cutting into the box to glue in an external heat sink if needed.

Thanks in advance for any feedback on the 6.9 or on an alternative that is small.



Did you start using it?
I am considering it as well. It has enough current and good price…

I didn’t get it in the end. Spec looks good but I couldn’t find any reviews at all on it being used.