Any good DIY waterjets yet?

This year seems to be about “jetdrive” on efoils.
Atleast 3 brands a releasing their version for this summer.
The E-tron is reviewed but without efficiency figures yet. Also it is not fully a classic jet drive as it has more of a small 6 blade propeller still leaving some airgap.
I made one using 65161 270kv and 75300 ESC back in 2020 with Onean 64mm impeller and stator. I got it up, but starting thrust was underwhelming at more than 6kw consumption.
Thinking perhaps to try again moving to 80mm size and increasing outlet size for less back-pressure.

Anybody with succesful builds that can share? Know of any good impellers in this range?
I only know of MHZ 80mm and Tilkiea 85mm, both are 180€…

Use a prop from these guys:

A 270kv motor doesn’t really work for a jet though as the blade pitch is normally too low to get any real speed. You’ll probably max out at like 22kph or something.

C’mon Jezza You know me better than that. Those kort-nozzle thruster i could weld myself. But perhaps they are actually more efficient than a real impeller.
I still think the Tilkeas look best as they are a downsized std Solas. Also 14krpm is more than enought for any jet. problem is to get it efficent at 7krpm as well.
Zortor makes a 90+ size jet, but are not selling parts yet.