Any idea about which flange to use for SSS56104 and Super Chief?

Nothing mentioned on the Reisenauer site about the SSS56104.

I have just asked the same question to Reisenauer but maybe someone here has purchased it and tried with success ?

Thank you

Most flanges have a technical drawing where you can see the screw hole spacing and compare it with your motor. Two screws should be enough.


Our 56104 ordered from Banggood has 6 holes in a star configuration. Max voltage 88V. …

Here is says 4 whole at 30 mm…

That is really strange, but I already noticed before that these motor don’t really have a specific manufacturer or company behind it and that they exist with different kv configurations, some are said to be 500kv for example and elsewhere you can only get 480kv or more than 500. Some don’t have any branding, some have.

will be difficult to mount a reisenauer, it has a thread. think you will have to make a custom one, buy the 25mm flange and drill new holes in it, be accurate
done some research, theres flanges for 30mm holes:


I got my reisenauer super chief 1:4 from Eitiene at icare-icarus. He also sold me a flange that bolts right onto the sss 56104 motor. The flange works with all of the super chief models (1:4,1:5,1:6,1:7) and probably all the motor chief models too (basically the same box with a beefier front housing and output bearing). This is the description from the invoice for the flange: 3-“P-CHIEF-Flange for RS-E 378, 30mm dia and for M4”

The motor has 6 screw holes on a equidistant format on a 30mm pcd. The flange has a three hole pattern that uses three of them. Too easy.

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Thank you @Pingu6. We are waiting for Black Friday to see if there is any incentive then we will order the same one. I guess you went for the 4:1 version simply because that is the only one accepting an 8mm pinion ?

Will you apply the 648 loctite ? Or will you weld it ?

I took a risk with the 1 to 4 ratio because I don’t want a small motor pinion and also couldn’t be bothered turning it down on the lathe either. I also was a bit lazy and glued the shaft on. I’ve done some tests and have a science and engineering background (education mostly) so I know how many corners I’ve cut :slight_smile: We will see!

I will say that I’m putting an alloy bracker and second axial load bearing on the front of the gearbox that will also serve to align it with the pod tube axis and cool the motor box unit.

Flange looks like this

The link you kindly provided, shows an 18mm hole and 30mm bolt circle, whereas the SSS56104 has a 10mm shaft (at least mine)
What happens with an 18mm flange hole with a 10mm shaft ?

On the other hand, @1113 provided a link for another flange (10mm hole) which reads to be “anodized”

“Fits all Reisenauer Super Chief gearboxes and Reisenauer Motor Chief gearboxes”
BUT the bolt circle is 16mm so I guess that holes have to be drilled

there is no problem with this ,the hole of the shaft should be larger than the shaft(to fit the pinio)
What matters is the holes of the bolt circle , do not drill, they concentrate the engine on the gearboxes
Sorry my mistake with the link

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Sorry for my ignorance but doesn’t the oil, poured into the Reisenauer, spill into the motor when turning at high speed ?

It isn’t oil, it is high viscosity grease.

OK :slight_smile: . But at 24000 rpm, does it remains in a high viscosity state ? Maybe it does. I do not know.

grease stays grease (pretty sticky no need to put a lot), but i recommand break’in: run the gearbox a couple of time and clean everything and change grease 2-3 times at the begining

it is very strong, i run mine for ±45H, most of the time at the end in water without cleaning, not much grease left, took it down once, hammer on it a bit… still running


For anyone who is planning to use the reisenauer motorchief, I have a simple solution to lathe the motor shaft down to fit the pinion:

  1. First I connected my motor to the esc and batteries etc

  2. Clamped down the motor, covering any holes of the motor with tape so no grind dust could get in.

  3. I turned on the motor(high rpm) and used a new disc grinder to grind it to the roughly correct diameter.
    Be careful: cool the shaft after every few second with a block of ice, as the shaft will heat up quickly!

  4. When you have roughly the correct diameter, use a flat file to file to ultimate diameter.

I know it sounds like an unconventional and harsh method, but as the shaft is spinning hard it should always be straight.


NICE ! I gues you can call it Dutch ingenuity.

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I’m a bit confused, I don’t see any gaps with my flange mounted on the motor 500kv motor, the inner hole of the flange is met with the motors flat and hole-less face. Maybe your motor is different? You could put a small shaft seal or simple washer to blank off any gaps you might have.

In any case, I wouldn’t worry about it. After my last test runs I didn’t have any grease near the motor.

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Eventually my son axgib went for a more reasonable 3000 kw 620kv aquastar and 6:1 chief ( just received) , so we went for the relevant flange kindly recommended here.

SSS 56104 will sleep in a drawer for some time.

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