Any one build out new maytech foil assist kit with success? Use the Bluetooth to? The price is right

What’s your thoughts and success so far with maytech foil assist kit at 350$ it’s quite attractive. Is it powerful enough? It’s supposedly nearly same components as foil drive. Wanted to build one and the plans they give seem so simple plug n play, of course vesc tool to set parameters and for iPad user I would need their Bluetooth to connect I’d imagine.

Any one getting up on foil and is this maytech foil assist kit legit?

Check @Jezza and his threads, he tried the maytech foildrive motor without success if i remember correctly

Conceptually its great. The execution is crap! For some unknown reason Maytech used a stator length of 50mm instead of 56mm. This results in just not enough torque in comparison to Foildrive kit which uses a 56mm stator. The Maytech also is not waterproofed nearly well enough for salt water use.
I did a quick and dirty with a 6384 size motor and the difference in torque was apparent immediately. With a 6384 I can efoil easily. In fact my entire setup is around 11kg and is way more fun than my main efoils…

Ok so what ya suggest? just buying different motor more powerful, and water proof the electronics like FD does. I have the kit sitting with a friend, and now I know why it don’t work as well, what about vesc tool parameters to get the most juice out it? You find the best settings?

What motor would pair well?

Thanks :metal:t3:

Yeah seems like just buy a different motor to pair it with so ya get the strength and torque you need.

You recommend a motor that’s fits like the foil drive? I have the hubs and props to mount on.

Get a Saite 6384 140Kv. They can do all waterproofing and it comes with ceramic bearings. You can contact them via email or through Alibaba or Aliexpress.

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Would that work for swapping out a current motor on a foil drive unit? Plug n play?

Also this motor paired with maytech remote n ECS works good? Or better easier set ups with this motor? Thanks.

On a commercial unit or DIY unit?

Yes commercial fd unit. Matching specs so could just plug in?

If you wanted to swap out just a motor, you’d need to make sure the motors were a near exact match. Foildrive use a saite 6374 but I’m not sure of the exact kv.

If you wanted to build a full new kit then you can go the 6384 route and have a little bit more torque and power if you need it. Then it’s just choosing which ESC you want.

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Ahh got it, I think it’s 140 kv? I thought I read it somewhere but sure exactly.

Managed to get on foil with my kit and 1725cm2 wing.
On 8s battery, the controller overheates very fast I think the prop may be too big.

With thermal pad cooling to the box, it is better but After a few 10’s of seconds it overheates.

The prop exploded AT the third session (fingers in prop).

The motor Bell started rusting After few sessions in fresh water.

Hope fingers are ok then :smiley:

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I see. Sounds about right. They just put these kits out there with out any testing. Gets to hot, that’s a big wing so it makes sense ya got on foil even under powered.

What you use now?

Still figuring things out with the kit, I printed New blades and trying to find a prop /ESC cooling combo that will not overheat.

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Keep me posted how it goes :+1:t3: