Any prop guard/duct options for a 6384 motor?

My girlfriend wants to try my efoil build with a 6384 motor and I think it would be safer if there was a prop guard/duct installed.

Are there any options for this kind of motor?
Maybe something I can 3d print?

This is not really feasible as the whole bell turns, difficult to atach a duct. Long time ago, @superlefax tried a prop with a protecting ring attached to the blades but it did not work, it was too inefficient.

Thanks, I was hoping that someone figured out a way to attach a duct behind the rotating bell (where the motor itself is mounted) and have it reach back to the prop to cover it.
Do you think that would be feasible?

See here, did not really work for a 8100:

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I have a working* protection duct for my 6384 motor. It is very sturdy when printed with enough perimeters (5 to 7) and weighs a few hundred grams (~550g). I have drawn it for stability and ease of construction, it is supposed to be removed after inital training.
*: It is only good for protection. Nothing else is positive about it. It works as an effective brake.
That’s why it only gets screwed on to the main mastclamp with 4 M3 screws. (Mastclamp is .5mm smaller in diameter than the mounting area of the duct.) The mastclamp gets drilled and fitted with heat set inserts (5mm long). I printed it with the big part on the printbed and it only needed supports under the center mounting circle.

Here is the step file for the duct, I can export an stl file,too. For the Mastclamp you will probably have to design your own, as mine is only for the Gong V2 Alu mast.