Anybody who owns an Axis PNG 1150?

I would love to build a copy of that foil for my Gong V2 fuselage.
Anybody up to helping me digitalize it?

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I would be able to help you with digitizing the wing (not just the Axis PNG 1150), but I don’t have it available. Digitizing a wing is a very complex process. I don’t think you will be able to get a 3D scan of the Axis PNG 1150 wing. Why did you choose the Axis PNG 1150?

Scanning is almost impossible. A digitizer/probe on a CNC would work but I am not counting on anybody owning that.
I was more thinking of a traditional approach involving mounting the wing on the fuse and a table, a straight edge, raiser blocks to clear the foil, perpendicular board, paper and tracing the surface on both sides on paper you always position the same…
Would involve some jig building but I could easily loft the wing from those curves.

The 1150 is a good pump wing, would love to try it.

Why not design your own with winghopper?

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Want to take out the uncertainty. If the thing is working why not just copy it?

I’ve already done the Phantom 1780 over a CNC routed core, will do the next in moulds.

The wing is the original. The core was cut from the 3D model.
I will finish that wing and just surf it.
Next is the stab. The one from the Phantom but fitting the Gong fuse.
For the pump wing I will probably do the Gravity 2200 if I can’t find anyone with the Axis.

They don’t infringe any copyright. At least where I live I can copy forms. Wouldn’t matter anyways as I am not selling wings.

Anybody with the PNG 1150?

I believe I’ve got the scanning down now. You would just need to get some dry shampoo as scanning spray and take a dataset for me. Video of a good lit wing mounted on the fuse or just some ~150 photos…both would work, can also work and I could also use both simultaneously…the more data the better.
I would do the photogrammetry with the video/pictures provided.

I played with various apps on my Pixel phone and Alo tried the lidar in a friend’s iPhone.
Here are some results from Polycam (with Pixel 6a).

Dry Shampoo Gong stabilizer.

GONG XL-T with dry shampoo scanned in daylight (cloudy winter)

Without shampoo it’s not working great…might work with good lightning.

Here’s one under good lightning without shampoo

On those without shampoo the weave tricks the scan into thinking it has a structure to the surface.

Here’s my Reality Capture scan from 2 video and one Photo dataset combined.

That would absolutely suffice for rebuilding the wing rather accurately.
I just need one half +the fuse as reference and some 10-20cm roughly of the other half for perfectly mirroring the scan.

Anyone up to some photography?