Anyone build an Armstrong efoil yet?

Hi guys.

Has anyone put an Armstrong foil on an efoil board yet?

I’m working on an adapter to do this.


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I was just looking into this today. Would be so nice to utilize my existing armstrong gear! I could not find anything about anyone doing this.

I think Michion came the closest. With the high motor

I’m building an adapter. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Here’s my progress so far!


Wow Armstrong really has a proprietary fuselage system, not so easy to hack, but as I understand the most premium brand that there is :slight_smile:
I used a unifoil hyper 190 on my Axis 19 mast this weekend, but the adapter took 1h to make as it is just a wedge, not as much to brag about.
The hyper 190 is really to big for E-foiling, but it’s my most efficient foil yet.
Trying to get down to 60wh/km, but it seems tought with my 100kg+ and the 200L board.

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Hi guys.

I finished a rough cut of my armstrong to slingshot adapter. So far so good!

Hope to test it soon.



looks awsome. cant wait to hear how it works. Will have to be on the hunt for broken armstrong mast.

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It works! First ride was a bit squirrelly! It feels low drag with lots of glide!



Hi guys.

After a few rides my adapter broke.

I tried to take the easy route making this adapter. And it was a $300 failure. But, it did work as a proof of concept.

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself! Right!? :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Gonna test it soon. Stay tuned!



hello, I am currently making an E Foil that I would like to use with my Armstrong fuselage, Armstrong fins and with an aluminum mast. I would like to know if your version 2 adapter is solid and if you are interested in making one for me and at what price.

Thank you Phil


It’s solid. Works great. I’m making a second one to put the Armstrong foil on the Cedrus mast. Keep an eye the coming weeks. I’ll post some pictures of the Cedrus setup.

It’s super time consuming. 12-16 hours I’d guess. I’d have to sell it for thousands of dollars, and I’m back logged a couple years with current projects at the moment. :joy::sob:

Just make one yourself!


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Hi Fight junkie,
Great build I’m new to foiling just bought armstrong setup. I want to build efoil and was going to mold my mast. What motor and esc combo did you use?

I used the same motor Lift uses and a folding prop.

Used the Trampa 75/300 VESC


Is that the 65161 motor.
Can you guide me where to buy folding prop

Hey there @Flightjunkie, do you have a link to the STL you used for your Armstrong mast mount?

Great effort👍
The setup looked a bit tipsy on the video, is it really sensitive to ride?

Link to you .STL? I’ve also got an armstrong mount but no CAD skills :frowning: