AnyOne Building an Efoil in Dubai Or Abu Dhabi

Hellow There,

Thank you all for this excellent Forum

I am building by set in DUBAI based on the Pacificmeister design, since a month now.

I work on Fusion 360 and print on a CR10 Printer 500 x 500 x 500 mm built volume.

Will soon start testing in watertank.

i am just posting here to share experiance with anyone in Dubai or Abu Dhabi on the same Boat!


Hello from Singapore.
Will you plz share your journey with me? Currently i am building one as well as per Pacificmeister’s design. I am new to CAD but have good experience in Software and Electronics. Which version of Pacificmeister are you building though? I am kinda confused with the DOCS.

Hellow Makerman,

I have have used the provided Google Sheet downloaded in december, and ordered all the parts on Amazon, and the expensive parts ( Motor / ESC / Foil) on AliExpress, the Batteries from a RC shot in Dubai - and the Board will be a second hand Kite surf racing board from Dubai not purchased yet.

For the 3D printed parts - i have carried some modification s on FUSION 360 and issued my own prints

Sorry for not beeing very helpfull here, but i am not tracing very well the list.

I can be of a help on Fusion 360 if you need : the Assembled file of Pacificmeister showns multiple instances of the same ITEM (propeller /Mast front / Back etc) that can be hidden or shown

let me know

Hi Hrant, Thanks for replying. I just wanted to know which one is the pacificmeister’s master version which works well for him? I have working on Fusion360 as well.

Also as far as the electronics are concerned i am kinda unhappy about the circuit diagram as well as it has very scare schematic details. Have you made one for yourself?

Part lists:
How about your part list? Have you ordered everything on the list or some of the parts are redundant?