Anyone Building Efoil in Singapore

Hey der folks,

Singapore has awesome water bodies to foil and i was wondering if anyone is building Efoil or plans to work on project here in Singapore. Would be awesome if we can start a build together. From skills prespective i am a software dev —> programmer with electronic skills and working on CADs now but i am not too much into CAD.

However my mech skills shortage is not going to stop me in getting my Efoil :slight_smile:


I’ve been informed by Maritame authorities that any personal pleasure craft requires a licence,
Having said that there’s a guy renting powered boards at Sentosa. Not in navigable waters I guess,
Save time and money buy one of the shelf

Oh do you know where in Sentosa? Would like to get in touch with the person. Surely its gonna save me a lot of time…

Ola Beach Club

Also for a second opinion

Try Aloha Water sports

+65 62419212

Hey guys,

As I was getting curious about efoiling in Singapore, I came across this post. I tried the above Ola Beach Club and Aloha Water Sports but neither rents efoils. Do people in Singapore not ride these?


Neh…I tried as well. Looks like no one is either aware or not interested in this space and i am really unsure why there’s no interest. I checked at east coast park with few shops into water sports and they said the same that they don’t rent efoils…

Are you from singapore? Interested in these machines?

No, I moved here a while ago. I believe that the reason may be that Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority requires you to have a PPCDL license for this. That’s a pretty high bar for just trying a “surfboard”.

Have you seen people using it? I found out that the difference between just two of the brands I tried is pretty big. If you’re not able to try before buying, this is a real killer.

Email correspondence on 2021 feb8

Dear officer

I’d like to know what/ any license is required for using a battery powered efoil device for personal/ commercial pleasure?

reply from
Dear Sir/Mdm,

            We refer to your email below.

2 We do regret to inform you that at present, we do not allow electric surfboards to be licensed/used in port waters due to safety concerns.

any updates lately? have you tried or you still worry about the licensing issues?