Anyone building in the UK

Based in the UK (Plymouth) toying with the idea of converting my existing kitesurf foil to electric. (Slingshot hover glide mast and foild and liquid force kitefish board).

Just interested to know if there is anyone else building their own DIY electric Hydrofoil in the UK.

I live right next to a tidal lake which would be the perfect testing ground!



I am UK based…London area.

Cool, have you started a build?

Yeah, this is my build: Jezza's Build (slow) - #18 by Jezza - Builds -

I am using a Temevanto board. I am quite close to finishing it. Just some electronic fitment and minor glassing on the board and it will be water ready. I’d say a days dedicated work would get me there. Therefore it will most likely be done in a months time :joy:

Looks great, nice work

Did you get all the 3D printing done in the uk and I’m assuming your board is an old race board.

I’m really keen to start a build but not sure if I might be a bit out of my depth technically

I did all the 3D printing and milling (by hand) myself. The board is the one that used to come with the Taora sword foil:$_86.JPG (that’s the exact board I bought).
I’m an engineer so from a technical standpoint I don’t think the project is too intense. I’m trying to keep everything as simple and cheap as possible. I am very keen to see the results of the 45mm pod build on the forum as I think it could be good cheap option.
I also have a 100KV 4KW outrunner that I plan to use as a direct drive unit, but who knows when I’ll even get round to that.


Hi Ramsey,

Yes, I’m in Cornwall and looking to start a build shortly. Have you started yet?


Mine is up and running successfully! Did a test today and it worked great. I just need better batteries to really see how it handles over a longer period of time!

Sweet. Are you going to go down the 18650 route with the batteries?

Hi Shaun,

Haven’t started yet as been pretty busy with work and have a young baby however I am still keen as I live right next to a tidal lake which would be perfect. Actually sent you a PM on facebook last night in response to your question about Chinese foils.

Jezza - congratulations on your build, glad you are up and riding.



Yeah, I will definitely go down this route! So much safer and will actually be cheaper.

It’s almost worth going half’s on a Tesla car battery and stripping it down isn’t it? I think the bigger ones have 440-ish cells in each pack.

I am based in newport South Wales and have built an efoil and tested okay… its a cross between Pacific meister and Hoirthys builds. Got water issues so looking to do a rev 2 build soon

Sounds interesting. What are you using to power it?

You can just buy wholesale from Fogstar if you are in the UK. Their prices seem pretty good to me.

Thanks Jezza, I will have a look.

I want to go down the 18650 route from the outset if I can, but I’m a bit lost with the whole electrical / BMS requirement to be honest. I want to use the same motor, gearbox and prop as @Silvio to keep the overall diameter down.

Hi guys,

I’m based in Warsash in Southampton and am starting a project for my 2nd year product design task. Money is the only problem for me as I windsurf so have 3 boards etc but can’t afford to buy another ESC if I melt it by accident or buy the wrong motor :smile:

I was just wondering if it is possible to waterproof an in-runner motor? I know a few people have mentioned doing it but does it include adding epoxy to the magnets and commutators and stuff? I was looking at the 360KV SSS motor here-

My ESC would be this -

Theese batteries -

I’m just trying to understand the leectronics yaknow.
Cheers, Owen.

The motor will be fine.

The ESC is not nearly good enough. I would not go under a 120A ESC and I would pick one that can be watercooled. If you go cheap, you will need to mod the heatsinks so that it can handle the constant current. The seaking 130V HV is well proven on this forum.

Those batteries are too small. You will only get about 4-5 minutes of fun, and they also wont handle the current draw from the motor. I have tested with similar and they are just too weak.

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Cheers Jezza, I pasted the wrong ESC, I was looking at this one:
200A Watercooled. Unfortunatley no BEC so I’d have to buy one of those for my controller too.

As for the batteries, I knew those ones didn’t supply enough current but I didn’t know what sort of capacity is needed. What do you recommend?

Cheers, Owen.

I you want the batteries to last, go for something that can supply around 200A constant current. I’d also get a capacity of at least 10000mah so that you have around 10min of play time. Less than that is a mission.

I haven’t heard great things about that ESC. I would definitely favour the Seaking 130A HV over it.

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