Anyone have any tips for mounting hatches?

Whats the best/simplest way to mount this. Also is this hatch flush enough or should i sand it down more

Put it as flush as possible because otherwise your foot position mitght be on a threshold which can be annoying (ok if < 10mm). For fixing stuff to laminated parts, I 3d printed inlays with stainless nuts inside. Filled the threads with „coltogum“ drilled them open and removed the coltogum. If you want it simpler, laminate a frame from waterproof wood underneath and fix the hatch with wood screws. The main problem with square/rectangular hatches is that they almost always leak🙁.

Is there such a thing as waterproof wood? Or do you mean to cover the wood with varnish or something similar

Search for waterproof plywood.

No there is not. There is marine ply which is bonded with a waterproof glue, but the actual wood still needs to be coated to prevent the wood absorbing water and swelling (this is why boat manufacturers stopped using it for stringers and moved to composite stringers instead).


Do you think aluminium would do the trick, maybe around 6mm

Yes, but not very lightweight and you need to tap threads. Also not easy to bond with composites.
Maybe better use some stainless hammer in nuts in a wood frame covered with laminate.

The hard truth is that those hatches are not great. My first 2 boards used them and both leaked and were just a mess. I eventually took them off because of it and just used clear 10mm polycarbonate sheet instead.

If you still want to persist with the hatch, inserts like this are a much better option: CHINOOK TACO FOOTSTRAP -
You do need to place them into higher density foam though.

The most sensible and simplest hatch I have see is the one on the new Sifly Foam board.

No need for hinges and only one clip. This is how I would do it if a built another board.

I also started off with this type of hatch thinking I could make it work but what ever I did it just leaked.

We used them on our 1st build jetboard.
If you still can, get rid of it!

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This is a video of the SiFly EPP board filmed mid Septembre 2022 (Cannes). The ESC is above the mast plate like the Waydoo and the Fliteboard. It doesn’t seem obvious to replace the Sifly mast plate by a third party one…

I think their soft top board is really nicely designed!
I think it would be easy enough to replace the mast with a designated DIY option, but it would depend on the capabilities of the DIY’r.