Anyone interested in a SE QLD Australia joint build?

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there who wants to build together, either build one eFoil each, together, or share a build. I’m located on the sunshine coast.

I have some experience that would help (Some basic glassing, work with 12v electronics quite a bit, etc) but I know I wouldn’t get a build finished by myself.

I also have a good contact who runs an e-waste/3d printing/battery management social enterprise. They could possibly come on board with some custom battery packs using recycled 18650s and any 3D printing for mast mounts etc.

I would love a Fliteboard but I can’t spend 15k. I have had a kite foil but wasn’t using much so I’ve sold it for now. Was at the barely getting up and riding stage. I would be looking at a low cost build, china SUP foil, old windsurfer board cut down, and low cost components from there.

Imminent departure of my ex-wife and sharing custody of kids means much more time free soon… and this is what I’d like to focus on.

Anyone want to come on board? lol so to speak…


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I would if I wasn’t living in the uk haha, good luck!