Anyone selling a complete e-foil close to or in the netherlands?

I have been following the e-foil almost from the start. Thinking about a rental business with these e-foils. But ever since i have never seen one in real life. Realy want to try one for myself first. Anyone selling their complete and working DIY e-foil?

You can send me pictures en price in my mail.

I am but I am not near the netherlands.


Hi! I’m in Switzerland and will sell mine very soon around 3000 euros, a bit less maybe, the board is full carbon custom made, I just need to get a part from the propulsion changed.

Can you send me some pictures?

Yes! I will send you them on Sunday I need to go back to my workshop this weekend. Basically the board shape looks like the fliteboard, but the closing system of the hatch is just using screws. My esc is the same as the one from lift (300a), batteries are lipos and the propulsion system is a modified Pacific Meister system with some part in aluminium. see you!

How do you know which ESC lift uses ?
I am also interested in the photos of your build !

Ok for the photos, I will post them here! I just changed the motor for a new one and my reducer needs to be repaired or changed, I wait from news from the company who sells Neugart in Switzerland.
Regarding the info, the info comes unofficially from somebody from Hifei (my esc is the Hifei Swordfish 300a)

Lift does not use the Hifei Swordfish 300a. From what I’ve heard they use a custom ESC which apparently MGM makes for them.

Ok! So my source was wrong! :slight_smile:

Most likely! Lift efoil is pretty high end so I would be surprised if they use a 250$ Chinese ESC.

well that argument won’t really convince me, i live and work exactly where all the major watch brands are located, and you’ll be surprised how much “not so expensive” chinese components you’ll find in a very expensive swiss watch :slight_smile:

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I am in if someone speaks about swiss watches :smile:
I own a Tudor Pelagos 25600tn (caliber MT5612) and this is really a piece of art. I would be surprised if there is even 1 chinese part in it. Rolex doesn’t not even produce such a precision movement (i got +2 secs in 1 month). Sorry if this is off topic, just interested haha

So here are a couple of pictures of my efoil, I can’t upload all here, so you can find more using this link:

The propulsion unit is disassembled at the moment as I need to service my gearbox (I think the bearings must be changed), I’m in contact with the company who sells Neugart in Switzerland and should have the news this week. I also need to print again the motor to gearbox mount piece that I had to cut to separate both elements. The motor is new, I changed it a few weeks ago and used it only once (when I realised that the problems come from the gearbox).

Basically I’m selling my efoil because I started the efoil adventure 2 years ago and have spent hours and hours (like everybody actually), I have had so much fun riding it, but now I have much more work, which means less time but more money, so I want a commercial product, with absolutely zero service to do, powerful lithium batteries, etc.


I had missed this construction…how many hours of navigation before changing the NEUGART’s bearing?

Hi! I don’t know exactly, I think less than 20 hours! But I had an important water infiltration with my first clamp system (the one from Pacific Meister, then I modified it to incorporate waterproof cable glands and fiberglassed the outside) and I think that it has not been good for the motor and reducer, even if I didn’t see any problems immediately. But at then end of this summer I started to have more and more noise so I tried to change the motor first. The Neugart is actually not broken, but it has some resistance and it is noisy. I think that it’s necessary to open it completely to clean it, change the bearings and change all the grease.

Thank you, if you go through the bearing change and lubrication a photo tutorial would be welcome…

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Nice build ,i like the design of the board and i like to know about the bearing size what neugart can give to you it can help european gear box owners like me😏

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Thanks! And yes sure, I just finished disassembling the Neugart, it’s quite easy once you know which side the things go out! And the bearings are standard size, I will give all the info and how to disassemble - reassemble 20191125_192857|375x500


Thank you for these first details,
Have you seen the defective part(s)? The grease looks hard… did it get hot?

Yes all the grease was really dried, I don’t know what happened! Basically I have 2 of the 3 bearings that are not so smooth and make some noise (but are still rotating, just not as good as the third one), so I will change them, and one of the metal washer you can see on the picture that is almost broken, otherwise the big elements are all ok, they just need some good cleaning and new grease.

You have to be careful when you open the gearbox as the 4 pinions contain many of the small bars you can see on the image from my previous post, and they jumped everywhere and I was hard to find all of them then.

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