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Should be easily adaptable to a mast.

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I wrote them and they replied that this is 52mm jet. The motor they use is 360kv, 53x62mm up to 50v. They have another unit costs 550USD with 62mm jet. hasn’t got the motor parameters for that unit yet.

Obviously it looks very interesting for jet direct drive setup however it will be much less efficient as per my understanding that geared setup (which can go under 1Kw power when foiling) and direct drive prop setup with 80100 or 6384 motors (however it is less efficient then geared setup)


this is not the same motor but could be informative for U :

A friend of mine bought a scubajet for self rescue since his jetsurf is unreliable and it is a long swim. When it arrived, he charged up the batteries and could get it to work. After some time troubleshooting with the owner of scubajet, he ended up returning the scubatjet.

enyone tried this unit already on an efoil?
supplier says it is 15kg thrust

most curious because it is way safer than propellor blades!

Have a look here:

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