Anyone used a Gong wing with a slingshot mast?


Anyone used a Gong wing with a slingshot mast?

Hi all, my build so far has a slingshot hoverglide set up, which is basically a smallish kite wing set up.

I also have for surf foiling a complete Gong Allvator wing and mast and would like to use the Wing to give more lift using less power. I don’t want to start drilling into the gong mast and my motor mount is all set up in the slingshot mast. I wondered if anyone had made an adaptor for the bottom of the mast to fit the gong set up

For the SS mast, could you give us in mm: chord, thickness and screw spacing ?

I could print you an adapter if you’re struggling, but I can only print PLA for the minute (I print in my house). Or I could just CAD it and send it somewhere for machining. @Jezza might be able to help with machining.

It would probably be cheaper just to buy another gong mast.

i tried to get a 3D File of the gong mast, but could not get it. Maybe someone has one or at least a picture with measurements of the gong mast or fuselage, then I could do an adapter.

I will send this to you later today, otherwise Gong mast are really cheap, I think they are discounting last year version as they released new graphics

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@Manufoil Can you send to me as well, please?

Here we have Gong dimensions, I’d like to have the same for SS…

Hi guys what files format do you want? A dfx profil or IGS, Step ect?

DXF is good for me :slight_smile:

I only found the dfx profile, I will redesign it later if you need the full extrusion otherwise I can send the dfx profil I used for the mast clamp

Could you send me dxf of Gong Mast too?

.step would be perfect but .dxf should work as well;-)

Thanks for all the suggestions, actually thinking about it it may be easier to get a second gong fuselage and modifying that to fit the mast

@RamsUK couldyou post a pict of the SS mast section with dimensions (caliper) and screw spacing ? With the Gong one, you could have your STL file milled into alu and drilled for a few USD at your local FabLab. Could be less than 30usd from an online shop… Nice Fusion360 mini project ain’t it ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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SS has 50,7mm displacement of the 2 M8 screws

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That’s exactly the sort of thing I need! Thanks unfortunately I do not have a caliper to measure the mast

The problem is to get that machined as a one off you’ll most likely pay more than £50. Therefore the mast will be cheaper…

Problem is my mast and motor pod was purchased as a complete unit so I don’t really want to start separating it all or replacing and drilling a new mast. So the adapter would be good or I could get second fuselage from gong and modify that itnstead.

Or, I could just attempt to use my slingshot hover glide kite wing but i suspect it is too smsll

The kite wing won’t be too small, it will just be faster and a little harder.

I also understand your reluctance to take it apart. I have both gong and slingshot so can draw up a unit for you when I get free time.