Anyone using an ARC200 with 12s Lipos and Maytech Remote?

Anyone using an ARC200 with 12s Lipos?

Interested to know what set up you are using for current/voltage etc etc. I have done my set up but for some reason the remote won’t start the motor

Looking at the indicators on the screw the Over Voltage is yellow and all the others are green

If anyone can share their settings that they have used with Lipos that would be really helpful. I am using 2 x hobbyking 20000 mah lipos

That’s under voltage. Read the voltage in the telemetry panel.

Sorry that’s an old photo, it’s now highlighting over voltage In yellow.

I have completed the full set up using the wizard, following the arc200 scooter/skateboard videos on YouTube as you suggested. But after the initial wizard set up is complete it tells you to work through the other tabs like command, throttle expo, start up, voltage limits, current limits, drive temperature and speed foldback limits which appear to be separate from the autotune wizard and I’m at a bit of a loss as to what settings to use for them especially the voltage limits and current limits tabs.

Set current to 150a. Regen to 0a

Has anyone had any luck changing the mode from ‘Torque forward only’ to ‘Speed mode’ or any of the others to get the motor going with the remote or upping the RPM settings?

What do you mean by upping the RPM settings?
I have rune the ESC in both modes and both should achieve the same RPM.
As I said in PM, you need to set the ESC up with 12S. Then check what the voltage is reading in the telemetry panel.

Just trying to brainstorm reasons why the motor won’t start with the remote but will spin up successfully using the gui during the set up process.

I will charge my other lipo and set it up using the 12s drop down setting Instead of the 6S option that I have been using.

I just wondered if it needed a bit of a kickstart to get it going

Have you set the remote up correctly? Is it properly calibrated. In the wizard you should see the remote working and be able to set the endpoints etc…

Yes I think so, the remote responds during the set up wizard, the numbers change as I press the trigger and it allows me to set the endpoints etc etc.

Do you have the remote set up as, PWM Analog? (I believe this the correct setting off of my head)

I didn’t have this set correctly the first time and it didn’t allow for the motor to respond to the throttle

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your message.

I have the remote set up as ‘PWM Throttle on Encoder Line’

Did you save that setting though. The wizard doesn’t automatically write it to flash. You need to save and write it.

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Thanks Jez, I’m pretty sure I did but cheers for the heads up