Anyone using current control mode?

I use the classic duty control , but since my remote is kind of on/off even when adjusting the throttle curve , I wanted to know if the current control mode can give easier control over start ( longer and smoother play with throttle )?

I use current control mode. That is really smooth.
But i have a long trigger anyway. Using Dutycycle mode gives a very jerky Ampere Log and you can get very high current peaks.

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Exactly what @V_S said!
Originally i used Duty Cycle mode with my 75/300, however the current draw was rather inconsistent. I even found that some of the high peaks took me all the way up and tripped the ABS_Overcurrent fault. Since then i use only current control mode and won’t go back.

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Thank you for answer , I will try this next time

Pics that high! Over 420A that is crazy