Anyone using Samsung ICR18650 2600mah?

Looking at picking a few of these up possibly to disassemble if they are any count. If not does anyone see other options on that site that would work? Located in the US and not looking to take out a loan for some 18650s or 21700s. Its wild out there

You would need a lot of them in a P row, as the max discharge current is only 5.2A. That’s the reason people are using high discharge rate cells like 30Q, 40T, etc. I would not go below 100A nominal max current for the pack for an efoil. Usually you need some margin, because you can’t pull max current continuosly.
I use a 8P12S molicel P42A and a Samsung 40T pack. Both are getting quite hot If I pull more than 80A battery current for some time. That is 10A per cell. Max discharge current per data sheet is much higher, 45A for the molicel P42A and 35A for the samsung 40T.

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