Applying Loctite 648 on motor shaft ? Sanding ? Primer?

Hello guys.

Any best way to apply the Loctite 648 for glueing the pinion on the motor shaft ? Do you have to slightly sand the shaft ? Need a primer ? Alcohol ?

I just ordered it, but now I am reading that Loctite 680 is a better fit for this specific use … Dôh… Super expensive though !


Loctite® 680 Retaining Compound - Gives best resistance to dynamic, axial and radial loads. Recommended for retaining shafts, gears, pulleys, and similar cylindrical parts


The way i did it

  • little sanding on the shaft , acetone clean and dry
  • pinion : acetone clean and dry
  • measure the distance between the bottom of pinion and the bottom of the flange screwed to the gearbox , in order that the top of the pignon is flush to the gear of the gearbox
  • put glue on the Shaft and in the pinion
  • twist the pignon on the shaft at once no stop allowed, all the way , stopping at 2-5mm from the motor depending of the thickness of the fange

I used the one sold with the gearbox

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Merci Alex, great tips !