APS 56200 inrunner

Hey Builders,
I am from Germany and right now I am looking for the right motor to choose. I’m really interested in the APS 56200 and I know that some people are testing it. I opened this thread to collect all the information and experience with this motor.
Also it’s only rated with 7,3 Nm. Do you think that’s enough?

@VeFoil your collegue had a chance to test it?
Thanks and happy building

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I have not heard any feedback on it. I would be interested in testing it on our thrust station to compare with our other motors with apples to apples and see how much power is draws, max thrust.


+1 on that. I did test and burn the 56115 and the 56200 is next. I got my neugart so I’m focusing on the new hiorth build now.

Did you use any phase current limitation?
7.3Nm should work direct without gears.

Hi I have a 56200
but have not tested it yet

7.3 is for the 56200? The 56115 is only 4 something.

What do you base that statement on?

No current limitation used.

I tried this 56200 already. However with 80A power was not enough to achieve the about 20kg thrust I need.
Will do new setup with stronger ESC and go over the max limit 80A or use a 80mm prop to see if it is better!

Whats the prop u were using?

130mm prop…different pitch settings but seems torque is not enough

Hmm the thing is the “ APS 6384N PowerGlider” also from APS, has only 6,9 Nm and is working, I think. @PowerGlider what type of prop are you using?

Did you record any data, in terms of amps, voltage, erpm,gps speed,etc… ?
I think it also highly depends on the foil/setup you’re using whether a certain amount of thrust is enough to get you foiling, since resistance is proportional to velocity squared. So if you have a foil that’s big enough/creates enough lift at low speeds, you may not need as much thrust.
In case you didn’t collect any data, how far (velocity-wise) do you think you were from “taking off”?

i am a bit septical about the given numbers, as far i tested the tp power motor the factory given number were “correct”, for the 56mm inrunner ( tp5680) which is close by size and power to the sss 56115, we have 0.27A/kv available, so for a 100kv that gives about 27A…for 200mm i would say like 50A max (probably not that much using some formula…)

it probably needs a good propeller 80-100mm diameter with a pitch ratio around 0.8 (just my guess…), just aiming for 20-25km/h

Without phase current limitation you need to fine tune the pitch and diameter and voltage to not overload the windings of such motor. It is more critical compared to the direct cooling method i use with outrunner.
Anyhow, without phase current limitation you will always loose some possible power in some situations.
E.g. after fine tuning your system not to produce too much phase current you loose weight, the power you can generate stays below what you could have with phase current limitation.
Without phase current limitation you always have the risc of burning the windings. I would use a temperature sensor inside the windings to limit the power, using a kind of VESC or other advanced ESC.

I use 136mm prop diameter with different pitch and Kv inside 140mm inner diameter duct. I cut down commercial 7.25 or 7.5" props. I measured around 30kg static bollard thrust with 8" pitch.

If you say 100mm 0.8 pitch ratio, thats just 80mm pitch, at 4500RPM you get a theoretical speed of 21km/h without any losses. Thats way too low pitch.

yes around 80mm pitch on 14S : 5180 rpm, this is just my guess, i wouldn’t try it,i am happy with my geared set up :wink:

Maybe it is because of the hub diameter, mine is 63mm, yours is much less. I am working on that issue in my next design.

I tested a 56200 as well.

It simply won’t have enough power. The phase wires are extremely thin, probably 14-12awg equivalent.

I tested in the pool with a 3D printed prop, and I feel that there was a fair bit of thrust, probably around 20kg, I could barely hold the motor. The problem is how quickly it heats up. Within 5-10 seconds the motor is already too hot to hold with a lot of power going through it.

It may be possible with amazing cooling but will most likely burn out/be inefficient.

Yes I used a 125mm with 100mm pitch too…But could only get 2400ERPM at that 60A Phase current, which should correspond to about 1200RPM.
So I assume the torque is just not enough. Will try a smaller prop once more…but I think the results won`t be much better…

What amps did you have maximum when you tested in the pool?

seems the phase wires can be even thinner when watercooled directly. Maybe you can flood the 56200?

In terms of cooling, I believe that static thrust tests are far worse than “real environment” tests. As for me personally, I would put a temperature sensor somewhere inside the stator and measure the temperature (preferably during a real water test).
When you actually try to foil with the motor, you have increasing water flow around the outside of the motorcase the faster you get, which may dissipate more heat than in a static thrust test in a pool.
But yeah, I guess a VESC is needed to record the data.
@jakebarnhill1 are you planning on doing a test with your foil?