APS 63100 / Gong Mast mount

For those who are planning to use a APS 63100, I created a Mount for Gong Mast.


Very keen to test it


God it is huge bipale best ratio in air maybe in water but need good balance…just the props look dangerous…:star_struck:

What dimensions is the prop?

It is 12 inch pitch. The diameter must be adjusted. Right now I cut it down to 9,4 inch
But I think this is still too big.

Looks really good, nice streamlining on the blade hub! Did you fill the magnet gaps?

Thanks. I am waiting for the ceramic bearings, then I will take the motor apart and fill the gaps. Did you do that already? Any hints?

There are several ways to fill the gaps, i used centrifugal casting and epoxy. You need a rubber ring inside the bells end and a printed ring at the open end glued with tape. I think it is the best result, but its not easy and dangerous because you are not allowed to stop the turning while curing. You also need to lathe the abandon epoxy. Look for direct drive direct cooling to get detailed info with pictures.

Just to notice that @Flying_Rodeo has chosen the opposite strategy to decrease vibrations in water: hub diameter enlargement to let the water flow self adapt at any speed. We should have some feedbacks from users having ordered the 65150 prop very soon.

I’ve already left a review of that prop in the motor thread…

seems nobody read it :rofl:

I know it is not necessarily easy to set such a test up (two 6" propellers on two different motors) but I was expecting a review quantifying the benefits of the propellers with enlarged hub:
1 - Is the prop swap possible on a given motor ?
2 - Did you notice something particular (noise, vibrations, saturation, …) ?
3 - Is there a measurable and visible benefit as spotted on @Mat’s prop diagrams ? Here after, the black session is clearly more efficient than the blue one that saturates.

The only time this would be possible is if you had props with identical blades, diameters, pitches and the only variation being the prop hub. Other than that it would be pointless to test with completely different props.

Yes, I can put many different props on my motors.

All my props are pretty well balanced except for the very first prop I ran on my geared drive. Even though it was unbalanced the vibration was not noticeable when riding (The gearbox bearings probably hated it though!). The most likely cause of vibration in a prop would be from it not being balanced.
The FR prop is very well balanced and smooth though.

Yes, its faster than other props, it requires less torque and hence higher speeds can be reached. The motor will still saturate as the motor does not have the torque required to hit it’s max RPM with the prop. I hit 38kph on the FR prop and 65161 120Kv motor on 12S. On 14S I suspect I will be able to hit 45kph with the Slingshot gamma 68 wing. With a faster wing I might be able to edge 50kph.

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It’s need a protection around the properller.