APS Outrunner 80100 130kV

I’m going to mount an outrunner 80100 on my E-Foil. Do I have to pay attention to the tightness when mounting this one or can I mount it without any special precautions for contact with water?
Thanks a lot

It will work for a while without any waterproofing then bearings go bad, then magnets start to corrode, then motor dies. You can prolong the downward slope by washing it in fresh water and giving the occasional spray of corrosionX.

On my first build i used an 80100 until the first set of bearings went bad, then replaced them with stainless bearings.

I dipped stator in epoxy and coated rotor and stator with insulation spray at the same time.

Eventually this motor died from a winding short to the stator, it can happen as the chaotic water flow inside the motor is pushing/wearing on loose windings strands.