Aqua star 200a esc programing

Is anyone familiar with :Turnigy AquaStar 200A Watercooled Sensorless High Voltage 6-12S (ESC…i cant seem to program this thing

I used usb swordfish adaptor and swordfish software

Hi Alexandre!
I use the aquastar 200a as well and I tried different solutions to connect it to my computer and nothing works. Were you able to update the ESC with your software? I’ve tried with the Hextronik usb adapter and it’s software (which should be the right way to do it), but the ESC is just not recognized…

no did not update the firmware and i don’t use this aquastar any more, did you try the link “upload files” on

did you power the esc on a battery?

And yes I carefully followed all the instructions on the pdf file from Hobbyking, but still, the software is open waiting to get the signal, the usb adapter is even blinking green, but nothing more, my ESC is not recognized…

sorry i don’t know , have you try to install the software NOT on the C partition? work for me when using the heifi esc, the software did not work when installed in the same place then window…

for 120 or 90A work only with window xp…

I have a Flier ESC and I had to install the software for the PC, and a driver for the ESC.

Maybe there is a driver for the ESC that you are missing?

Check in task manager are there any yellow warning signs and is it recognized there. Also try every usb. Often when i conected different circuits, they would work on specifically 1 usb. U can also try to install software in compatibility mode with older systems. Reboot after every install and uninstall is a must, do it even if it doesnt give u reboot warning. Drivers are often retarded.

Hi Fabien,
Just seen this post. I have the same esc but could not find programming software. Hobbyking sent me to manufacturer of that usb programming hextronic, but software can’t be found anywhere. I would really appreciate if you could send me the software to my gmail.
Many thanks.

sorry, i never found that software…
stopped my build for now, due to some electronic issues. Need to buy a new receiver. and start making new tests, but without that software to setup the ESC i am afraid results will not be the best.

Software is available here
You don’t really need it however but help with throttle and a few other neat capabilities. One thing you might want to try a few different motor timing settings for your particular one.

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