Aquastar 10S 620k in 12S... Which ESC survived?

Hello guys,

So we are about to put the 620kv 10s Aquastar in the water for the first time, along with the reusenauer 6:1 and the Yamaha 7 1/4 prop… At 12S…

According to specs, motor is 10S max but a few of you already tried at 12S with success

3000 watts max divided by 48v is about 63 Amps max.

Would the 120A Yep hold WITHOUT water cooling ?


Hi! I would not recommend running the yep without water cooling, it has close to zero heat sinks.

I confirme. Mine was OK without a duct but has burnt the first time I put a duct around my prop, after 10 min of ride.

Now I bought the ZTW Gecko 150A, which is approximatively the same price but seems to have better heat seak. Not yet tried…

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I’m interested to see how this ESC performs…

My YEP HV 120A died within minutes without water cooling some years ago. The problem with water cooling YEP is that there is a junction to battery minus. If you get a second leakage at the motor you can have the full voltage through the water and you feel it very bad when you are swimming besides your board. So i made a closed loop water cooling with some hoses wrapped around the battery box. This helped.
Also have a close look on the wires soldering, one motor lead disconnected after short time of use.

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