Arc200 + Flipsky 65110 120KV + 2x6s16p-Samsung q30 poor performance


I made this setup recently but I feel like I’ve got poor torque and performances…
I manage to get up but it’s not very fast. My propeller is one of Pacific Meister and is printed in PLA.
My maximum RPM is at around 5000rpm. Is that normal or should it spin faster ?
In the arc configuration I put a power limit at 160A…



What mode are you running in?
What RPM are you getting in the water?

I’m running the forward mode. unfortunately, the arc200 doesn’t log correctly. So I don’t really know.
But I’ve got the 120KV version and I’m in 12s.

Am I wrong if I calculate it like that ? 12s => 44,4V x 12KV = 5328 RPM ?

Any other way to solve that ?

Thanks Jezza

Maybe that prop does not match the motor, too much pitch, as it was designed for a geared setup with more torque and a lower KV. Thats why effective rpm would be interesting to know. There are other props designed for the 65161 motor available in the forum.

In fact I’m wrong. I printed the file Jezza gave for the Maytech 65151. That’s the same motor so it shold be ok…

What do you mean it doesn’t log correctly?
You can only calculate a theoretical value. In reality you’ll see something completely different. Something with less RPM.
Are you running Torque or speed mode?