ARC200 instructions/set up guide


Does anyone have a pdf or a link to the Freefly ARC200 user instructions or set up guide? Assuming such a thing exists. I’m just looking for basic out of the box instructions, just get things connected in the right places and in the right order

Jez kindly sent me a few links to the GUI etc but I can’t seem to find any basic user instructions or set up guides

If anyone has any links or pdf documents that would great.

Will be setting up my system later this week to test the motor etc

Here you can find the infos =>

Thanks Mike, that’s actually the link I had. I just wondered if there were any more basic step by step instructions like where to plug in the receiver, motor wires etc etc

I am going to be setting it up with the maytech remote so if anyone has any details or guidelines it would be really helpful

Here’s the video on how to set it up