Arc200 Vesc type new for sale

I changed my plan for the future, so I don’t need anymore the new Freefly ARC 200 vesc type that I just purchased. Arc200 is out of stock now, mine is brand new in the box, I’ve connectors and cables as well as a custom made watercooling heat sink block which I can throw into the deal.
I will upload some photo as soon as possible.

ARC200 is not VESC based.
They got a different software and they are not compatible to any VESC addons (like the Metr).

Thank you for pointing this out, which have been already in the Arc 200 thread, let’s call it FOC Esc or sinusoidal esc then, which could result less clear to who’s starting a new efoil project.
Anyway, it does work on the same principle of VESC with his own software and data log.
It has proven to be a reliable controller, I don’t need it anymore because I’m moving on 14s battery and this is for 12s.

Just to be clear, like @Giga specified, this is no cheap Chinese VESC knock off, works on similar principle, offering all such controls and feedback as Vesc and more advanced controllers.

how much are you selling it for and will u ship to the US
thanks Frank

You’ve a private message

Is your Arc200 still for sale?

Hi, yes it still here, new. I also have a water cooling block, aluminium anodized black machined for that Arc.

Great! - sent you a PM

Where are you shipping from?

I’m shipping from Italy