Arduino for throttle signal

Hi guys, I used an arduino pro mini to read the throttle signal and smooth it for softer acceleration last year. Also easy to use a killswith with it to set the throttle signal to 0%. But I encounter a problem this year, and also sometimes last year. The throttle is going to 0% when I am riding a lot of times. I was thinking about some interference from the big currents going to esc and from esc to motor. I gues this is triggering a reset of the arduino. Is there some one here that has seen this behaviour as wel? I tried a lot of things to fix it. Different 5v power supplies, external battery for receiver and arduino only and some shielding, but the problem still exists.

Hello rienk. I also used a Arduino promini in the remote controller and Arduino nano in the receiver. I used with xbee module and never have these problems.
I have a prototype with nrf24l01 module but I can’t prove it yet.
What supply do you use?
I used a battery 18650 with LDO in the remote controller and a Stepdown in the receiver.

Hi, maybe it was not clear, but I don’t use the arduino to transmit and receive. I only use it to limit the acceleration and for temperature and water monitoring. So my receiver is sending a signal in the arduino and the arduino is sending a signal to esc. I used 5v bec on separate lipo and also on the main battery but it does not mather.

I understand. Maybe you read the pwm from receiver, and after define some limits, your generate the new signal?

Yes, I use it like that.

The kill switch is a push button? Always occurred when the board is in the max Power? May be a internal variable in the Arduino that is too small and sometimes produced overflow?
You can see if the Arduino turn off the lights when occurred?

I do not think it is in the software, because I tried a lot of different codes. It does not happen every moment and more when the prop is in the water than in the air. So it looks like something with the higher currents.

But maybe it is just a problem of the cheap remote, because I know that the signal can jump up and down. But at first I did not notice it so often. Will test with a different remote next weekend.

Ok, Rienk good Lucky :muscle:t4::muscle:t4: