Arduino programming

Hey guys I’ve got a question as too where and how do you guys learn how to program an arduino to use as a transmitter and receiver because with my build I want to be able to operate the throttle with arduino 1 and send that to arduino 2 and have arduino 2 send a signal back to arduino 1 with the batt voltage and currant that the motor is pulling on to a OLED on the controller. Any help would be great and I want to use Bluetooth thats what I got and a Hall sensor. Thank you

As microcontroller programming is very low level, it makes it huge difference what specific transmitters/receivers you are using.
They normally come with ready made libraries for which you can find example projects or just google your transceiver name with some other keywords to find stackoverflow questions with example snippets.

Do you have any programming experience?

Here’s one from the esk8 forum that does almost exactly what you want:

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No I have no experience in programming.

Then you should look for basic Arduino and/or C++ tutorials aimed at absolute beginners to get a basic feeling. Then look for specific examples for your transceivers. Just crawling the net and testing out everything yourself is the best way to learn.

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I adapted the radio communications code kindly provided by our user @MaB.

Here is a walkthrough of my code:

Here is the instructable for my remote with the build video and the complete Arduino code:


Thank you so much I’ll take a look into it when I have a chance.