Asking if this system will work (Need all and any Advice)

I need your opinions and suggestions for improvements to my part list for my first efoil.

Motor (190KV 300A Waterproof Maytech):

ESC (Maytech 300A):

Remote (Maytech):


Foil (RLboard):

Prop (FlyingRodeo):


The Large RL wing is good and low in consumption, good for heavy rider. If you want to go faster and a bit less efficient, the old 800x17 RL wing is also recommended (up to 40km/h without duct). It has 1200cm2 compared to the big one that has a surface of 1600cm2. It’s not in the shop but should be available, just contact René from RL through e-mail

Why 190kv ? you panned a reductorbox ?

Thank you and which wing combo should I use if I want to go around 50kmh??

Something smaller with hight ratio but 50km/m ist fast, better start with one that is ok to run 40km/h.

can you give me an example??

I dont really now someone said it is better. Can you explain me why not the 190KV?? I’m a noob.

Small Moses Wing for example: FLYING RODEO electric Hydrofoil hits 50 Km/h - EvNerds

Gong Veloce could work as well, but I would start with a bigger, more stable wing.

I have a 190kv motor. I was thinking of using a Neugart PLE 40 5:1 reduction gear with it. Do you think this is the correct solution?

Depends on the battery, working shaft speeds are between 3000 and 6000 RPM depending on the prop. With 12S you get 12x4x190=9120, so either direct drive with a low pitch prop or 2:1 Reduction. 5:1 would be too slow, or you would need a huge prop which in turn limits flying height.

Would you either go with a 120KV or a 190KV Motor if direct drive ??

120KV is proven to work, 190 is a bit high.

Which esc is the right one for 120KV flipsky Motor ?

I suggest that you spend some hours reading the forum, there is plenty of information about all different configurations. Several options for this motor, Flipsky Vesc200A, vesc 75300, vesc6, new flypsky 75200 vesc and other ESCs. Depends on your voltage, some ESCs are limited to 12S.

Thanks last question where can I buy the Small Moses Wing

google is your friend…

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